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Gross Responds to Issue One Passage

November 8, 2023
Jennifer Gross News

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COLUMBUS—State Rep. Jennifer Gross (R-West Chester) today made the following statement in response to the passage of Issue One.

“Ohio was targeted because our constitution is too easy to amend. $40 million was spent on rhetoric intentionally designed to confuse voters. They won on a redundancy of fallacies intended to induce false shame for protecting life. They used an example of a 0.5% occurrence of the rarest abortion cases to sell what is a broad sweeping majority of abortions for convenience as a woman's right.

A woman's gift is that of producing life. I wish the actions of such were handled with more integrity; I recognize that is not the reality. We have a lot of work to do to reach the hearts and minds of young men and woman to convince them of the beauty of cherishing life. We will continue in our efforts to encourage life and seek ways as a legislature to enhance the lives of all. We will not concede to this as the final word on this subject.

We aren’t going to roll over and go silent. The pro-life community is going on the offensive.

Future Ohio children’s lives should not be infringed upon, no matter how much money is spent on misleading ads.

Our children’s lives and Ohio’s future was on the ballot and the results are a definite blow, but life goes on, and so does the needless and totally preventable killing of unborn Ohio babies.”