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Gross Recognizes Legislation to Combat Drug and Human Trafficking

October 23, 2023
Jennifer Gross News

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COLUMBUS—The House Homeland Security Committee last week heard moving proponent testimony on House Bill 230, announced State Rep. Jennifer Gross (R-West Chester).

In response to the staggering increase in drug overdoses, specifically fentanyl poisoning, in Ohio and throughout the United States, House Bill 230 will directly combat the drug and human trafficking crises in Ohio. 

Constituent of Gross and Butler County resident, Mark Murphy, provided powerful testimony in support of the legislation during last week’s committee meeting. 

“So, I implore you, not for my sake, but for yours and for the safety of your family,” said Mr. Murphy during his testimony. “Let us pass this bill, not out of obligation to me, but out of a shared duty to protect America’s sons and daughters. The battle against this darkness is not just mine; it is ours, and together, we must stand against the tides of despair, fighting for a future where no more hearts are broken, and no more lives are lost.”

According to testimony provided by the Ohio Association of Chiefs of Police, in Ohio, over 80% of unintentional drug overdose deaths involve fentanyl. According to the Ohio State Highway Patrol, in 2023, troopers have seized 114 pounds of fentanyl, almost 26 million fatal doses.

“It is critical that we protect our children, friends, and family from the poisonous war that is plaguing our communities,” said Gross. 

House Bill 230 will continue to receive hearings in the House Homeland Security Committee.