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State Representative Jim Hoops Announces House Passage of Legislation Regarding Low-Speed Electric Scooters

October 23, 2019
James M. Hoops News

COLUMBUS—State Representative Jim Hoops (R-Napoleon) announced today the House passage of House Bill 295, legislation that cleans up outdated and conflicting state vehicle code definitions to make it clear that Low-Speed Electric Scooters are permitted on the road. HB 295 gives riders of Low-Speed Electric Scooters similar rights and responsibilities as cyclists.

“With the ever changing modes of transportation it is important to keep the rules up to date with these changes.” Hoops said. “This legislation puts in place a minimum set of rules for any person using or operating a low-speed scooter. It also maintains control and authority at the local level, which is very important. I feel the communities know better than anyone else what is needed. This just gives them a blueprint to work from.”

HB 295 allows Low-Speed Electric Scooters to be ridden on roadways and bicycle lanes and paths where bicycles may be ridden. It requires the scooters to have appropriate lighting, sets a speed limit of 15 mph, sets the operation age of these scooters to 16 years of age, and sets the criminal code violations akin to e-bicycles. The operators of these scooters must also yield to pedestrians.

Additionally, the bill allows municipalities, counties, townships, metropolitan park districts, township park districts, and recreation districts to regulate or prohibit the use of Low-Speed Electric Scooters within their jurisdiction.

HB 295 passed the Ohio House and now heads to the Ohio Senate for further consideration.