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Jones's Bill to Ban Fees on Plastic Bags Signed into Law

October 13, 2020
Don Jones News

COLUMBUS – State Representative Don Jones (R-Freeport) today announced that Governor DeWine has signed House Bill 242 into law. The bill prohibits local governments from imposing taxes and fees on the use, sale and consumption of auxiliary containers for 12 months.  

“This pro-business legislation will allow Ohioans to continue to utilize a blend of existing state programs, private sector initiatives and local government programs to ensure that Ohio’s material management remains both responsive to market forces and consistent with the state’s already-existing goals for recycling and reuse,” said Jones.

Under the bill, auxiliary containers are considered single-use or reusable packaging designed to transport food, beverages and other merchandise from a restaurant, grocery store or other retail establishment.

The legislation is supported by the Ohio Grocers Association, Ohio Chamber of Commerce, Ohio Council of Retail Merchants, Ohio Manufacturers’ Association, National Federation of Independent Businesses and Ohio Chemistry Technology Council.

“These supportive organizations represent thousands of employers and hundreds of thousands of employees in the state of Ohio. These businesses utilize a wide variety of auxiliary containers. Several major industries in Ohio would be negatively impacted by localities unilaterally deciding to implement fees, taxes or bans on containers,” concluded Jones.

House Bill 242 was originally passed by the House on May 27, 2020. Then Senate passed the bill with an added amendment, which added a moratorium after one year. On September 23, 2020, the House concurred with the Senate amendments.

The bill also clarifies that existing law prohibiting the improper deposit of litter applies to auxiliary containers under the state anti-littering law.

The bill will take effect after 90 days.


For more information, contact Rep Jones’s office at (614) 644-8728 or