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Rep. Liston's bipartisan legislation to create stroke registry passes House

March 31, 2022
Beth Liston News

COLUMBUS – State Rep. Beth Liston (D-Dublin) announced that the Ohio House yesterday passed House Bill (HB) 431, her bipartisan legislation to codify a stroke registry database in Ohio. Currently, Ohio utilizes the CDC funded Coverdell Stroke Program, a program that is not always guaranteed. 

“This bill is a next step to ensuring that Ohioans have access to life-saving care in neurologic emergencies and that health outcomes are continuously evaluated so that we know the best standards of care are being applied for people in our state,” said Liston. 

Under the bill, the Ohio Department of Health would have enough time to utilize a stroke registry database and create a new one, if necessary. The measure does not require a new or second registry to be created, but leaves the option available in order to ensure a registry is being used in the state and by all future stroke care facilities. 

HB 431 is part of a long line of stroke legislation that’s been passed in recent General Assemblies. In the 132nd General Assembly, the House championed HB 464 to establish hospital stroke care designations. 

HB 431 now heads to the Senate for further consideration.