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State and Local Government Committee Bills

Committee Bills
Bill Title
S. C. R. No. 5 Support Ohio Commission for the United States Semiquincentennial
H. B. No. 19 Designate Ohio World Hijab Day
S. B. No. 24 Designate Sikh Awareness Month
H. B. No. 25 Create Ohio Asian-American and Pacific Islander Affairs Comm
H. B. No. 30 Require correctional facilities supply feminine hygiene products
H. R. No. 32 Recognize Ohio World Hijab Day
S. B. No. 44 Require occupational license agency accept electronic application
S. B. No. 62 Designate Rutherford B. Hayes Day
H. B. No. 72 Designate Hindu Heritage Month
S. B. No. 74 Regards Treasurer of State and electronic payment of taxes
H. B. No. 85 Expand methods by which land banks acquire delinquent property
S. B. No. 98 Address fraudulent business filings, related documents
H. B. No. 113 Designate Detrans Awareness Day
H. B. No. 123 Designate Honor and Remember flag to honor fallen service members
H. B. No. 145 Expand political subdivision joint purchasing authority
H. B. No. 153 Specify which abandoned land is subject to expedited foreclosure
H. B. No. 157 Create the Bureau of Hate Crimes in the Attorney General's Office
H. B. No. 192 Regards Treasurer of State; electronic payment of taxes
H. R. No. 196 Recognize July 1, 2023, as Taylor Swift Day.
H. B. No. 198 Designate Counseling Awareness Month
H. B. No. 204 Designate Arab American Heritage Month
H. B. No. 211 Enact the Free to Speak Act
H. B. No. 215 Modify qualifications of certain county engineers
H. B. No. 225 Designate the month of June as Pride Month
H. B. No. 243 Designates Roy Rogers Day
H. B. No. 247 Designates World Refugee Day
H. B. No. 262 Designate May as Umpire Recognition Month
H. B. No. 271 Number state ballot issues consecutively based on prior election
H. B. No. 278 Designate 6888th Central Postal Directory Battalion Day
H. B. No. 297 Designate A Christmas Story Family Day
H. B. No. 298 Designate Black Brewers Day
H. B. No. 304 Create State and Municipal Government Commission
H. B. No. 315 Revise the township law
H. B. No. 323 Specify park commissioner membership for certain park districts
H. B. No. 332 Regards same-sex marriage and interracial marriage
H. B. No. 342 Designate Devo Day
H. B. No. 353 Require accident fault information on a motor vehicle abstract
H. B. No. 368 Designates Ohio Black Media Week
H. B. No. 373 Allow clerk of court to conduct certain motor vehicle inspection
H. B. No. 389 Designate 9/11 Remembrance Day
H. B. No. 409 Create the Ohio Cold War Victory Medal
H. B. No. 415 Create the Ohio Sports Commission
H. B. No. 426 Designate Stormwater Awareness Week
H. B. No. 442 Require parking meters pay standards for multiple payment methods
H. B. No. 446 Designate March 8 as International Women's Day in Ohio
H. B. No. 454 Designate Women's History Month
H. B. No. 459 Designate Greek Independence Day