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House GOP Prevents Public Broadcast of Women's Health Discussion

Public access to government dictated by GOP ideology
September 18, 2013
Democratic Newsroom

COLUMBUS- Today, Ohio House Democrats scheduled Ohio Government Telecommunications (OGT)—the state’s public access network—to record a discussion by  legislators, doctors, legal experts, women’s health advocates and Ohio women on provisions in Gov. Kasich’s budget that attack women’s health care. Participants were stunned to learn at the last minute that House Republicans ordered OGT to abandon public coverage of the event.

“Once again, House Republicans refuse to focus on critical issues pertaining to Ohio’s women, as they have attempted to block public access to meaningful discourse surrounding women’s health issues,” said House Democratic Leader Tracy Maxwell Heard (D-Columbus). “We organized this discussion because the public never had a chance to hear the likely implications of the budget bill in regards to women’s health, and the effort Republicans have put into limiting the public discussion that occurred today is shameful and discourteous. The people of Ohio and I expect much better of the House GOP than suppression of speech.”

House Democrats viewed today’s events as an opportunity to finally have an in-depth discussion on harmful healthcare policies for targeting women that were passed in the state budget at the 11th hour without public input.

“It is clear that House Republicans will stop at nothing to suppress any views they disagree with, especially when it comes to health care for Ohio women,” Rep. Kathleen Clyde (D-Kent) added. “These egregious actions highlight the need for transparency in state government more than ever.”