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Democracy Prevails as Ohioans Defeat Issue 1

August 11, 2023
Richard Dell'Aquila News

COLUMBUS – State Rep. Richard Dell’Aquila (D-Seven Hills) this week praised the citizens of Ohio for their overwhelming support in defeating Issue 1 during the August 8th Special Election.      

“It is now apparent that Issue 1 never had nearly enough support for passage,” said Rep. Dell’Aquila. “Instead, it is just another expensive episode in the ongoing “culture wars” that are overwhelming our political discourse and dividing our nation. Democracy is designed to work best through negotiation and seeking consensus, but when political decisions are rooted in unpopular hard line precepts, wasteful results will occur, such as the millions spent on this failed special election. ”

The defeat of Issue 1 is a significant victory for safeguarding Ohio’s democratic process while respecting the diverse opinions of its citizens. It ensures that future constitutional changes will reflect the majority’s will and uphold the principle of “one person, one vote.”

House Democrats will continue to put people first and uphold the democratic values that make Ohio a beacon of freedom, dignity, and opportunity.