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Brown Statement on GOP Missing Budget Deadline

July 1, 2019
Richard D. Brown News

Ohio House Assistant Minority Whip Rep. Richard D. Brown (D-Canal Winchester) today criticized the House and Senate Majority leadership for their inability to strike a budget deal before the constitutionally-mandated June 30 deadline.

“The House and Senate are comprised of veto-proof GOP majorities, and the governor is of the same party. It is inexcusable that a budget deal could not be struck,” said Brown.

The House voted late Sunday, June 30, on a temporary funding measure that will keep the state government funded through mid-July.

“It is especially unfortunate that a deal could not be struck on time in light of our countless hours spent this spring debating an unconstitutional abortion ban,” added Brown.

Brown said he continues to urge all parties to follow their constitutional mandate to fund the state government in short order.