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House Health Committee Approves Six Bills

December 3, 2020
P. Scott Lipps News

COLUMBUS – State Rep. Scott Lipps (R-Franklin) today announced the House Health Committee has approved six bills that would help improve health outcomes for Ohioans.

“As Chairman of the House Health Committee, it’s an honor to help shape our state’s health policy,” said Lipps. “These bipartisan bills help assist Ohioans in getting the care they deserve and will move Ohio forward in health initiatives.”

Prescription drugs and medication switching: House Bill 418 prohibits health insurers from taking certain actions with respect to drugs during a health benefit plan year, including increasing cost-sharing, reducing coverage, and removing drugs from plan formularies.

Pharmacy benefit managers: House Bill 482 prevents pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs) from discriminating against health care providers that participate in the federal 340B Drug Pricing Program. The legislation protects the intent of the 340B program by ensuring these savings are directed to patients and not PBMs.

Healthcare price transparency: Sub. Senate Bill 97 requires a healthcare provider and insurer to provide the patient with a cost estimate of a service or procedure that is scheduled at least seven days in advance. Providing greater price transparency will empower Ohioans to make more informed decisions regarding their care.

Radiation control and technology: Am. Senate Bill 236 clarifies current law regarding the roles of radiographers and nuclear medicine technologists in order to ensure safe and effective radiological treatment and services for Ohio’s patients.

Prohibiting “fail first” drug coverage: Senate Bill 252 prohibits “fail first” drug coverage to stage four advanced metastatic cancer. This legislation removes time-consuming barriers in order to give these cancer patients the most effective and personalized treatments plans.

Diabetes awareness: Senate Bill 229 designates Diabetes Awareness-Heart Connection Week during the second week of November. The bill recognizes the strong connection between diabetes and cardiovascular disease in order to raise awareness about the diabetes epidemic in Ohio.

“I thank my colleagues for addressing these important issues,” added Lipps. “I look forward to getting these bills across the finish line and signed into law.”

The House Health Committee approved the measures on December 2, 2020.