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Extremists in Ohio House give platform to divisive pastor

Latest example of Republicans promoting misinformation, controversy and fear
December 9, 2022
Michael J. Skindell News

COLUMBUS– Today, State Rep. Michael J. Skindell (D-Lakewood) submitted a letter to Ohio House Speaker Robert Cupp protesting the divisive and offensive prayer which opened the Ohio House session on Thursday, Dec. 1.  

The prayer was provided by Curtis Hill, Associate Pastor of LifeChurch, West Chester, Ohio, and guest of Representative Jennifer Gross.  During the prayer the preacher invoked the name of Jesus Christ multiple times and stated “***I bind every foul spirit [and] *** any and all witchcraft *** in the name of Jesus.”

“As elected public servants, we have to remember that we are here to represent all the people of Ohio, no matter their race, religion, gender, or sexuality,” said Rep. Skindell “This guest pastor clearly crossed a line with his offensive sermon. It is unacceptable for extreme politicians to continue to use democratic institutions like the Ohio House to promote fear and division.”

In his letter, Representative Michael Skindell calls upon the Ohio House Speaker to ensure that opening prayers be respectful and honor the long historical tradition of legislative prayer. 

Read Rep. Skindell's letter here.