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Stein Gives Sponsor Testimony on HB 478

February 16, 2022
Dick Stein News

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COLUMBUS – State Representative Dick Stein (R-Norwalk) and State Representatives Sharon Ray (R-Wadsworth) had sponsor testimony this week on House Bill 478, which will fund for the acquisition of an Inter-Sub System Interface which will provide interoperability amongst public safety agencies using MARCS (Multi-Agency Radio Communication System) and Non-MARCS Radio Systems. 

Twenty-two Ohio counties use alternative emergency radio systems other than the MARCS system to communicate. Representatives Stein and Ray represent several of the communities whose public safety agencies have chosen to not use MARCS. Those who do not use the MARCS system consequently are unable to communicate with those who do use MARCS. 

“We would like to have the ability to communicate with agencies that utilize the MARCS system” said Tacy Bond, Huron County 9-1-1 Coordinator “We work hand and hand with the US Marshals, State Patrol, and ODNR. Communicating with them would be seamless if the Inter-Sub System Interface (ISSI) existed to allow interoperability between MARCS and non-MARCS systems.”

House Bill 478 provides the necessary portable radio coverage each of our communities deserve while also keeping operating costs low. 

“Our emergency services must be able to properly communicate with one another,” said Stein. “House Bill 478 will ensure that all public safety agencies can communicate with one another in emergency situations no matter what Radio communication system they are operating on.”

If passed, House Bill 478 would provide the state with an Inter-Sub System Interface or ISSI, which would allow for open communication between all public safety agencies no matter what radio they are using.