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Stein Discusses Energy Sustainability with PJM Interconnect and Pennsylvania House and Senate Members

June 29, 2023
Dick Stein News

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COLUMBUS- State Representative Dick Stein (R-Norwalk) met with members of the Pennsylvania General Assembly and PJM Interconnect last week to discuss energy policies and partnerships. 

As Chairman of the House Public Utilities Committee, Stein met with members of the Pennsylvania House and Senate to talk about future energy partnerships, the importance of grid reliability, and future energy policy changes.

“I look forward to partnering with members of the Pennsylvania legislature in the future to make sure we are putting forth good energy policy to keep energy costs affordable and reliable for consumers,” said Stein. 

Stein also met with PJM Interconnect CEO Manu Asthana to discuss a letter sent to the company expressing concerns about the effect Illinois’ Climate and Equitable Job Act (CEJA) will have on Ohio consumers. The Illinois CEJA mandates the closure of fossil fuel-fired electrical generation unit facilities. To offset the closures, PJM has identified upgrades to the transmission system, located mostly in Ohio, and will cost an estimated $2 billion.

“The loss of affordable and reliable coal and oil energy generation and the implementation of 100% renewables could potentially put a strain on the energy grid,” said Stein. “Ohioans should not be burdened by cost increases that are caused by the policy choices of other states.”

PJM has yet to give a response to the letter.