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Fair Publishing honored for its work

Published By Sandusky Register on June 19, 2021
Dick Stein In The News

NORWALK — It happens thousands of times each year: A youngster works hard all year by getting ready for the county fair, and he or she comes home with a ribbon.

It could be for first place, or it could be fourth place. But it is a ribbon they'll likely put away and keep forever.

And on the back of that ribbon? It reads "Fair Publishing from Norwalk, Ohio."

The longstanding city company was recently honored by the Ohio House of Representatives and state Rep. Dick Stein, R-Norwalk, for its 141st year in business and 101st year owned by the Doyle family.

 The celebration was put off a year, as COVID-19-related guidelines canceled most of the fairs around the country, which hurt the ribbon business.

"Now everything is opening up and going well," owner/president Charlie Doyle said. "Now everybody wants everything now."

And Doyle was quick to point out Fair Publishing now only makes ribbons but also does printing for clients.

"I've been with the company, full-time, 30 years," Doyle said "Affiliated 37, my father put me to work in the factory on my 18th birthday."

Doyle had been president since 2010.

"My mother died in 2008, and my father decided it was time to step out," he said. "He always remained active (before dying in 2015)."

Doyle said there is great satisfaction in a job well done.

"There was a previous employee who put it in words that are very fitting," he said. "We are a company that makes people happy. We are the oldest manufacturing company in Norwalk."

The business employs 19 people, and there is room for three more," Doyle said, adding "We can't find anybody. We had 23 at the peak of employment."

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