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Rep. Weinstein Call for Needed HB6 Reforms In Wake of Randazzo Indictment

December 4, 2023
Casey Weinstein News

COLUMBUS – State Rep. Casey Weinstein (D-Hudson) today released the following statement after the former PUCO chairman was indicted on bribery and embezzlement charges related to the House Bill (HB) 6 nuclear bailout scandal:

“The Sam Randazzo indictment is a stark reminder of Ohio’s largest ever political corruption scandal. It is unacceptable that Republicans have done absolutely nothing in its wake and that the corrupt HB 6 remains law for which Ohioans are still paying millions for,” said Rep. Weinstein. “I am calling on Speaker Stephens to move my HB 6 Repeal and Repay Act immediately. Ohioans should never have to suffer because of corrupt leadership in our state.”

Following former Republican House Speaker Householder’s racketeering conviction, House Democrats have introduced several pieces of legislation aimed at weeding out corruption and correcting wrongs created by the largest public corruption scandal in Ohio’s history. 

  • The Ohio Anti-Corruption Act (House Bill 112, Miranda/Sweeney) would require dark money groups to identify their contributors and disclose their spending.
  • The HB 6 Repeal and Repay Act (House Bill 120, Weinstein/Brennan) would fully repeal and refund subsidies established in HB 6 during the 133rd General Assembly that are still being paid by Ohioans to bail out two Ohio Valley Electric Corp. (OVEC) coal-fired power plants—one of which is located in Indiana.