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Cutrona's House Bill 243 Passes Ohio House

December 10, 2021
Al Cutrona News

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COLUMBUS – House Bill 243, sponsored by State Representative Al Cutrona (R-Canfield), passed the House on Thursday. The bill preemptively establishes that no political subdivisions can contribute to a confusing patchwork of knife regulations for Ohioans.

Under current law, a citizen could be prosecuted if they are to travel to a different city or town they reside in simply for carrying tools they use to accomplish their work. 

This legislation has been enacted in 12 states throughout the United States and no issues have arisen regarding knife protection laws. Furthermore, there has been no effort to repeal these laws. 

“House Bill 243 is a great opportunity to protect the unwary from overbearing and confusing knife regulations and as an opportunity for Ohio to join 12 other states in leading the way on Knife Preemption Law,” said Cutrona.