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Rep. Miller Introduces Bipartisan Legislation to End Age Discrimination in Dental Care

Legislation would prohibit the denial of dental care insurance claims based solely on age
November 21, 2023
Adam C. Miller News

COLUMBUS – State Rep. Adam Miller (D-Columbus) today announced bipartisan legislation that would prohibit health benefit plans from denying dental services based solely on the age of the patient.

“Denying claims based solely on age is a threat to overall health and lifelong dental issues for patients - young and old.  It can be a barrier to proper nutrition and everyday activities,” said Rep. Miller. “Proper dental care makes for better students and improves the lives of older patients. Dental care is healthcare and age should not be the sole determinative factor on who gets treatment.”

Under current practice, dental services for children and pre-teens as well as older Ohioans are not always reimbursed because health insurance providers deny the claim based solely on the age of the patient. Dental work is often performed to reduce pain, in addition to long term health concerns. When dental work is not performed simply because a person has been deemed too young or too old, the patient is stuck with painful and potentially dangerous dental issues. 

Insurers would still have the ability to deny certain claims for dental care, but they would not have the ability to prohibit dental care based solely on a patient’s age.

The bill now awaits referral to a House committee.