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Legislation to Designate 6888th Central Postal Directory Battalion Day Introduced by Reps. Miller and Blackshear

Bill would honor elite group of WWII Black Women Veterans
September 18, 2023
Adam C. Miller News

COLUMBUS – Reps. Adam Miller (D-Columbus) and Willis Blackshear (D-Dayton) today introduced legislation that would establish March 9th as 6888th Central Postal Directory Battalion Day.

“For too long, our nation has overlooked the important service of all those who served in our military,” said Rep. Miller. “Establishing March 9th to honor and commemorate the only all-Black, all-female battalion to serve overseas during World War II – and one that was led by Ohio’s own Major Charity Adams - will help ensure that future generations understand our victory over tyranny was also a victory for gender and racial equality.”

The “Six Triple Eight” was the only all-Black, all-female battalion to serve overseas during World War II, and they were responsible for clearing out an overwhelming backlog of mail, making sure certain American troops received letters from home to boost their morale.

“I am very excited to put forth this bill which would honor the brave group of Black women who served our country despite facing stark racial inequity and segregation,” said Rep. Blackshear. “Additionally, by highlighting the contributions of these women, including Charity Adams who lived in what is now my district (HD 38), we can inspire future Ohioans and shine light on the excellence of the 6888th Central Postal Directory Battalion.”

Their commander, longtime Daytonian, Maj. Charity Adams, implemented an aggressive plan designed to eliminate the backlog. U.S. Army leadership gave the “Six Triple Eight” six months to complete the mission. They did it in three months.

According to her autobiography, One Woman’s Army: A Black Officer Remembers the WAC, Adams estimated the unit averaged 65,000 pieces of mail per shift. By the time their mission was complete in May 1945, the “Six Triple Eight” processed for delivery over 17 million pieces of mail in just 90 days. They were then deployed to other European posts with similar results.  The unit was eventually discontinued on March 9, 1946.  

The bill now awaits referral to a House committee.