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S. B. No. 113 Regards failure to comply with Military Selective Service System As Introduced
H. B. No. 115 Enact Ohio Equal Pay Act As Introduced
H. B. No. 121 Modify municipal tax apportionment formula for remote workers As Reported by the House Ways and Means Committee
H. B. No. 123 Designate Honor and Remember flag to honor fallen service members As Introduced
H. B. No. 125 Modify income tax deductions for 529 plans and ABLE accounts As Introduced
H. B. No. 126 Expand municipal income tax exemption for military pay As Introduced
H. B. No. 145 Expand political subdivision joint purchasing authority As Introduced
H. B. No. 146 Establish a SERS contribution based benefit cap As Reported by the House Pensions Committee
H. B. No. 149 Regards use of an uncrewed aerial vehicle for surveillance As Introduced
H. B. No. 155 Exclude central bank digital currencies as money under the UCC As Re-Referred by the House Rules and Reference Committee