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Leader Heard Responds to GOP Tax Shift

Tax increases, new tax code spending will disproportionately benefit the wealthy
June 20, 2013
Democrat Newsroom

Ohio House Democratic Leader Tracy Maxwell Heard (D-Columbus) released the following statement upon news that House Republicans have unveiled a new budget tax proposal.  The tax shift overhaul was announced today, only days away from a scheduled floor vote on state’s two year operating budget.

“Increases in our sales tax and property taxes will only hurt the elderly and working families in our state. I am disappointed that legislative Republicans are proposing some $1.5 billion in tax increases to pay for a tax cut that favors the wealthy.

“We should be focusing on investing in what we know will lead to a strong economic recovery in our state: putting more money in the pockets of middle class Ohioans and investing in our schools and communities. Yet, Republican leaders continue to hurt our communities by breaking the state’s assurance on property tax breaks for senior citizens, and by abandoning the state’s responsibility to share in the cost of local levy increases.

“There are clearly winners and losers under this plan. Senior citizens, the working poor, our schools, local governments and middle class Ohioans will feel the pains created by this financial shell game. It’s a wash for almost every Ohioan—except for the very wealthy. Ohio’s middle class deserves more from their elected officials.

“This is a rebate for the rich and a rip-off for the middle class."