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Ginter's Columbiana County LGF Money Fix Heads to the Governor

September 23, 2020
Timothy E. Ginter News

Press Release Poster

State Rep. Tim Ginter (R-Salem) announces the General Assembly passed Senate Bill 163, which includes Ginter’s amendment correcting state law that cuts Local Government Fund (LGF) money in 2021 for Columbiana County communities. The legislation now heads to the governor.

Ginter spoke to the bill on the House floor today.

“Included in House Bill 62 was a provision that reduces LGF payments to local jurisdictions that enforce traffic cams,” said Ginter. “This amendment corrects a technical oversight that reduced non-offending jurisdictions’ LGF payments within the same county as the offending jurisdiction.”

Last year, the transportation budget legislation, under House Bill 62, that became law contained an error in language that required communities with traffic cameras to report to the state the fine money generated, and that amount would then be deducted from the community’s annual state LGF allocation if the fines exceeded the LGF allocations received by the communities from the cameras.

Specifically, Ginter’s amendment would fix the problem by:

  • Correcting a technical oversight that reduced non-offending jurisdictions LGF payments within the same county as the offending jurisdiction;
  • Reimbursing any LGF payment reductions to non-offending jurisdictions in FY21. The offset will occur in the next monthly payment after the amendment is signed into law;
  • Requiring the reimbursement to be transferred from the Ohio Highway and Transportation Safety Fund to the Local Government Fund;
  • Holding other subdivisions in the same county harmless in the event that the traffic camera offset exceeds the amount of the subdivisions using traffic cameras would have otherwise received from the LGF.

Ginter pushed for the amendment yesterday within the conference committee. Members of the body decided to support the amendment as a part of Senate Bill 163 and then passed the legislation out of the conference committee. Along with members of the committee and the General Assembly, groups that support the amendment includes the Dept. of Taxation, Ohio Township Association, and the County Commissioners Association.

The amendment contains an emergency measure and would become effective immediately if signed into law.