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Patton Introduces Seven House Bills Restricting Traffic Cameras

January 27, 2022
Thomas F. Patton News

COLUMBUS – State Rep. Tom Patton (R-Strongsville) today announced the introduction of seven different House Bills regarding the use, administration and requirements for photo-monitor speed devices.

“These bills provide reasonable solutions to our ever-growing problem of the misuse of local authority,” said Patton. “Traffic cameras have proven to be a nuisance to the public providing zero increase to public safety, and while I understand their purpose in principal, I have yet to see it in practice.”

Four of the seven bills introduced are similar to legislation introduced by Patton in the 133rd General Assembly. The bills generally restrict and regulate the use of photo-monitoring devices, or traffic cameras, statewide. 

Below are brief overview of the introduced bills:

  1. House Bill 547: Prohibit a municipal corporation or township that does not operate either a fire department or an emergency medical services organization from utilizing traffic law photo-monitoring devices.
  2. House Bill 548: Prohibit a local authority with a population of 200 or fewer from utilizing traffic law photo-monitoring devices.
  3. House Bill 549: Prohibit a local authority, in any year, from issuing a total number of traffic tickets based on the use of traffic law photo-monitoring devices that exceeds two times the population of the local authority.
  4. House Bill 550: Prohibit a local authority from deriving more than 30% of the total annual revenue of the local authority from the issuance of tickets for traffic law violations based on evidence recorded by traffic law photo-monitoring devices.
  5. House Bill 551: Require 80% of all revenue from a traffic camera ticket be used for law enforcement expenses.
  6. House Bill 552: Prohibit placement of a traffic camera within one-half mile of an interstate highway entrance.
  7. House Bill 553: Prohibit a local authority, located in a county with a population of one million or more, from using traffic cameras to enforce traffic violations on interstate highways. 

“In 2017, nearly 95% of the total revenue from Linndale Village just outside of Cleveland came from the issuance of fines, licenses and permits generated via traffic camera tickets. This is clearly an unjust use and abuse of municipal local authority, and I look forward to working on this legislation with my colleagues to end this cycle,” added Patton.

The seven bills are now awaiting referral to a House committee for further consideration.