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State Rep. Tavia Galonski (D-Akron) this week was unanimously elected as Chairwoman of the Ohio House Democratic Women’s Caucus (OHDWC).

“I look forward to working with my legislative colleagues to bring positive change for women in government,” said Galonski. “It is our duty to ensure that women’s issues are addressed and properly vetted at the state level. I am ready to get to work to shatter glass ceilings and elevate women across Ohio to positions of power as they embrace their full leadership potential.”

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Thu, Nov 29, 2018

State Rep. Tavia Galonski (D-Akron) today applauded the Ohio Department of Education’s anticipated recommendation to the Ohio legislature to extend alternative graduation pathways to Ohio high school seniors until a permanent plan can be put in place for the class of 2022.

“Ohio students deserve an equal opportunity to succeed, and that starts with fair graduation standards that promote learning and recognize students’ skills,” said Galonski, who has been actively working with students, families and teachers on the revisiting the requirements. “Because students came together, spoke out, and made their voices heard, their futures look much brighter today. I congratulate them and applaud the administration and lawmakers on both sides of the aisle for doing the right thing and giving our students the attention they deserve.”

According to Ohio Department of Education staff, the department is expected to release a formal request to lawmakers outlining alternative graduation pathways for this year through 2021. Galonski said she anticipates the measure will be included as an amendment to pending legislation in the Senate Education Committee Wednesday.

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Mon, Nov 26, 2018

The Republican-controlled Ohio House today passed House Bill (HB) 258, legislation that would prohibit an abortion once a fetal heartbeat is detected, which could be as early as six weeks of pregnancy— long before most women even know they are pregnant. 

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Thu, Nov 15, 2018

Ohio House Democratic state lawmakers today voted against House Bill (HB) 228, the so-called Stand Your Ground bill, a Republican-sponsored effort to loosen gun safety standards by reducing firearm offenses, making it harder to prosecute gun violence cases and preempting local authority to enact commonsense safety protections for Ohio families.

“As thousands of Ohioans—students, parents and families—are crying out for commonsense gun safety measures, the entrenched majority continues to push legislation that makes our communities less safe,” said state Rep. Tavia Galonski (D-Akron). “I will continue to stand with the vast majority of Ohioans who oppose these extreme bills that give a free pass to gun violence.”

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Wed, Nov 14, 2018

State Rep. Tavia Galonski (D-Akron) today publicly released her October letter* to House Speaker Ryan Smith (D-Bidwell) asking for his support to move her legislation, House Bill 630, which would give career-ready Ohio high school seniors the opportunity to graduate in 2019 and 2020. Without legislative action, 51,893 Ohio high school seniors will not graduate this year, according to Ohio Department of Education data.

“As the State School Board and many in the legislature, under your leadership, move to bring Ohio standards in line with modern day needs and workforce demands, I ask for your support for House Bill 630 to meet Ohio seniors where they are in 2019 and 2020 by ensuring these career-ready students are not being held back by an outdated system,” Galonski wrote in her Oct. 24 letter to Speaker Smith.

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Mon, Nov 12, 2018

State Rep. Tavia Galonski (D-Akron) today announced local constituents Cathy Zollos and Lee Hendrickson will be recognized for their exceptional volunteer efforts at the next Portage County Chapter of Ohio Horseman’s Council meeting on Wednesday. Each of them completed over 1000 hours of work on the West Branch State Park bridle trails. 

“The work these women have done and the amount of hours they spent improving these trails is nothing short of incredible,” said Galonski. “Hard work, selflessness and dedication from people like Cathy and Lee is what keeps our community beautiful and thriving.”

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Mon, Oct 15, 2018

State Rep. Tavia Galonski (D-Akron) today announced her support regarding the relocation of Babcock & Wilcox Enterprises (B&W) headquarters from Charlotte, NC to Akron, OH coming summer of 2019. Additionally, B&W employees in Barberton and Copley will be moved to the new Akron office upon project completion.

“I am thankful that Babcock & Wilcox Enterprises continue to remain committed to the Northeast Ohio region,” said Galonski. “Akron is a community of dedicated, hard workers who are constantly seeking new and innovative technological advancements to improve the local economy. I look forward to seeing this partnership grow once the new Akron headquarters is complete.”

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Mon, Sep 24, 2018

State Rep. Emilia Sykes (D-Akron), state Rep. Tavia Galonski (D-Akron) and state Sen. Vernon Sykes (D-Akron) today sent a letter to Attorney General Mike DeWine urging him to join other attorneys general across the nation in denouncing the Texas lawsuit that seeks to terminate the Affordable Care Act nationwide. 

“If the lawsuit is successful, thousands of Ohio families will lose the foundation and security of affordable healthcare,” said Rep. Galonski. “It is unconscionable to heap that kind of worry onto hardworking people.”

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Tue, Sep 11, 2018

State Rep. Emilia Sykes (D-Akron), state Rep. Tavia Galonski (D-Akron) and state Sen. Vernon Sykes (D-Akron) hosted a local Small Business Summit on Friday, August 24th, at Alpha Phi Alpha Homes, Inc.

“It is our job as state lawmakers to ensure that all small businesses have fair opportunities for advancement in Ohio,” said Rep. Galonski.  “However, I believe it is also our duty as black legislators to make sure that minority business owners are being represented, heard and assisted when necessary. I look forward to continuing to uplift Akron’s minority community and businesses while serving the Statehouse.”

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Tue, Aug 28, 2018

State Rep. Tavia Galonski (D-Akron) today announced Ohio’s back-to-school sales tax-free holiday scheduled for this weekend, August 3-5, as a result of the passage of Senate Bill (SB) 226. The annual event helps lessen the sting of the 4.5 percent statewide sales tax hike passed by Republican lawmakers in the 2013 state budget. The hike has cost taxpayers almost $2 billion more since then, according to state revenue numbers.

“With so many Ohio families struggling to make ends meet already, the tax free holiday alleviates a bit of the financial burden that comes with back to school shopping,” said Galonski. “To be successful during the school year students and their families not only need to purchase class specific items, but also replace everyday use items. While a family may save a relatively small amount this weekend, those dollars add up so a student can have lunch money or be able to replace something later in the school year. Every little bit helps.”     

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Wed, Aug 1, 2018