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Rep. Galonski votes no on HB 286 amendment

June 8, 2021
Tavia Galonski News

COLUMBUS— State Representative Tavia Galonski (D-Akron) voted no on an amendment to House Bill 286 today in Civil Justice Committee. HB 286 would change the venue for appeals from an agency order to the local court of common pleas for the business filing the appeal. Amendment AM_134_1342 would change the jurisdiction for offenses against the public administration. Currently, the Franklin County Prosecutor is in charge of prosecuting these cases. This amendment would allow for the defendant to have the case tried in the county of the offender’s residence. 

“This amendment brings politics into matters that involve public trust,” said Rep. Galonski. “Well settled law has determined for years that a public corruption matter be prosecuted by the current Franklin County Prosecutor. Now that there has been a change in party after 50 years, the Republicans have placed politics right at the center of corruption.”

AM_134_1342 passed the Civil Justice Committee with a vote of 10-5 and has become part of HB 286. HB 286 now waits for further hearings in the committee.