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Rep. Galonski statement on anniversary of Dayton shooting

Calls Republican inaction on commonsense gun safety unconscionable
August 4, 2020
Tavia Galonski News

COLUMBUS –State Rep. Tavia Galonski (D-Akron) today issued a statement on the one-year anniversary of a mass shooting in Dayton, Ohio, which left nine dead and 17 wounded.

“It is shameful that Ohioans have waited a full year without any meaningful change that provides true security as they go about their everyday life.  The Ohio Promise ensures that everyday working folks can count on their legislature to do the people’s work.  Over the last year, I co-sponsored several pieces of legislation to help families live safely and securely, and that legislation went nowhere.  Years of gerrymandered districts keeps Ohioans from picking the Representatives who really do work for them, and the anniversary of the Dayton shooting serves as an unpleasant reminder of that fact,” Galonski said.

Democrats have continually pushed for commonsense gun reforms, including:

  • HB 240 (Miranda/Kelly): The Child Access Prevention Act, which would ensure firearms are stored safely and securely out of the reach of minors;
  • House Bill (HB) 316 (Russo/Sweeney): Extreme Risk Protection Orders;
  • HB 317 (Robinson/Miller): universal background checks;
  • HB 315 (Liston): Provide mental health and suicide prevention information at the purchase site;
  • HB 319 (West/Miller): Restore local control so that everyday Ohioans can decide what commonsense safety solutions work for their community;
  • HB 320 (West): Prohibit the sale of a gun if the background check is pending;
  • HB 335 (Lepore-Hagan/Boyd): Require subject of certain protection orders to surrender firearms;
  • HB 348 (Miller): Prohibit a person subject to a protection order from purchasing or receiving a firearm for the duration of the order;
  • HB 349 (Weinstein): Ban possession of high-capacity magazines;
  • HB 647 (Strahorn): Prohibits manufacture/sales of high capacity magazines;

None of the Democratic gun safety bills have been called for a committee vote.

Meanwhile, House Republicans have prioritized legislation opponents say will make Ohioans less safe, including the kill at will bill and legislation to eliminate the duty to notify law enforcement of a concealed weapon, which passed the House in June.