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Rep. Howse: Budget a mixed bag, delivering for some and leaving others behind

Says budget doesn't do enough to invest in working people, families and communities
June 29, 2021
Stephanie D. Howse News

Rep. Stephanie Howse (D-Cleveland) issued a statement following the passage of the state budget, House Bill 110. Democrats expressed concerns about a number of provisions within the bill, including a more than $1.64 billion tax giveaway to largely benefit the wealthiest Ohioans and an increase in funding for the state’s EdChoice Voucher Program, which undermines public education in Ohio.

“The state budget should be about access, equity and opportunity. Unfortunately, this budget doesn’t do enough to meet the challenges we face in recovering from the COVID-19 global  pandemic, and it doesn’t consider the total negative impact that COVID-19 has had on our economy, childcare, education, housing, workforce, and healthcare” said Rep. Howse. “Inadequate funding makes it harder for people to live, work and connect to vital services in their communities. I remain committed to working for the people of Ohio’s 11th House District and investing in funding to ensure our economic recovery benefits all Ohioans.”  

Additionally, Democrats opposed several public policy measures within the budget, including attacks on healthcare access for LGBTQ Ohioans and abortion care, as well as undermining both police accountability measures and Ohio’s new redistricting reforms.

Democrats, however, did applaud the inclusion of $250 million for broadband development in underserved areas as well as the reinstatement of the Fair School Funding Plan, an improved public school funding formula that better addresses the needs of Ohio students, teachers and communities.

Democrats indicated they will send to the governor a list of requested budget line-item vetoes.