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Bill Protecting Childcare Centers from Tuberculosis Signed into Law

January 11, 2021
Sara P. Carruthers News

COLUMBUS – State Rep. Sara Carruthers (R-Hamilton) today announced Governor DeWine has signed into law House Bill 210, her legislation that establishes safeguards to prevent the spread of tuberculosis in Ohio’s childcare centers.

“Tuberculosis still remains a serious threat to many countries outside of the United States,” said Carruthers. “Ohio must remain vigilant in keeping our childcare centers safe and healthy to ensure this disease does not make a comeback.”

Under the bill, prospective employees for licensed daycare and preschool centers are required to be screen for tuberculosis as part of the hiring process. In addition, prospective employees who meet certain criteria outlined in the bill must be tested for the disease.

The legislation also allows local health departments or the Ohio Department of Health to receive public recipient information from the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services for purposes of a public health investigation.