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Rep. Hicks-Hudson statement on Ballot Board court decision

April 23, 2020
Paula Hicks-Hudson News

COLUMBUS— State Rep. Paula Hicks-Hudson (D-Toledo) issued a statement on today’s Ballot Board meeting. Last week, the Ohio Supreme Court held that the Ballot Board violated the law when it split a voting rights ballot issue into four separate parts. The Board subsequently met today to certify it as a single issue.

“The court determined that the issue before the Ballot Board is a single issue and not an example of logrolling that will confuse voters,” said Rep. Hicks-Hudson. “I am pleased we corrected course today to make sure Ohio voters will be presented with clear information should this issue eventually appear on voters’ ballots. But, I am sorry that we had to have a court order and all of the attendant litigation costs to get us here. The court’s decision is a vindication of the arguments my colleague and I made from the start – that the issue presented was a single cohesive issue having to do with protecting and enhancing Ohio voters’ rights.”

The court’s 6-1 decision can be found here.