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Rep. Monique Smith statement on Householder expulsion

June 17, 2021
Monique Smith News

COLUMBUS– State Rep. Monique Smith (D-Fairview Park) today issued a statement on the expulsion from the Ohio House of former Republican Speaker Larry Householder (R-Glenford) for his alleged role in a $60 million public bribery and corruption scheme to pass and prevent a referendum on a billion-dollar corporate bailout in 2019.

“Yesterday, the Ohio House of Representatives took a vote to expel Larry Householder and I voted yes. As I voted yes, I thought of all my constituents who fought so hard against the law that his alleged bribery scheme supported. I thought of those who volunteered to collect signatures for a referendum against that law, only to later find out that an army of paid “blockers” were standing in their way. I thought of that day in 2020 when Mr. Householder was arrested for the largest bribery scheme in Ohio history and how hopeless it felt as a citizen to watch our state and country experience so much corruption under leaders drunk with power,” said Rep. Smith. “Yesterday’s vote was a sad moment for Ohio but a much-needed step toward finally moving forward and refocusing our efforts on the work of the People.”

Householder and several close associates have been indicted for their involvement in what has been described as the largest public bribery scheme in Ohio history. The active criminal case stands as the largest open corruption investigation in any statehouse in the nation.

Democrats introduced a resolution to expel Householder earlier this month. They have also introduced bills to root out Statehouse corruption, including the Ohio Anti-Corruption Act, which would require dark money groups to identify their contributors and disclose their spending, and the Public Corruption Repayment Act, which would require legislators to reimburse the state for compensation received between the time they were indicted for a felony involving public corruption and their conviction.