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Sheehy joins Veterans Group headed to D.C.

Lawmaker will offer support for wetlands preservation efforts
August 31, 2018
Michael Sheehy News

Following a week of dialogue surrounding the algae crisis in Lake Erie’s western basin, State Representative Michael Sheehy (D-Oregon) will be joining legislators from around the country next week as part of a coordinated legislative effort in Washington, D.C.

Elected Officials to Protect America’s Public Lands, a nonprofit veterans group sponsoring the trip, will be reaching out to potential allies in Congress to build a coalition in support of the Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF), which uses tax revenues from oil and gas to build and preserve areas of historical and environmental significance.

“My service didn’t end when my military career did,” said Sheehy. “Now I’m headed to Capitol Hill because Americans have a right to their history. They have a right to clean water and healthy ecosystems, and we have a responsibility to defend those rights whenever they are threatened.”

The effort comes in late summer, the most dangerous time of year for algal blooms that continue to devastate property values and cause illness in the Great Lakes and the Gulf of Mexico. LWCF has dedicated millions to the preservation of wetlands, which have been known to filter out the agricultural runoff fueling the blooms.

“The wetlands established under programs like the LWCF are some of the best defenses we have against harmful algal blooms all over the country. Not only can we create beautiful preserves for the next generation, but we can also ensure access to cleaner and safer drinking water.”

Representative Sheehy will be available for interviews upon his return from Washington.