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Sheehy joins DeWine administration in supporting Toledo refinery jobs

June 18, 2019
Michael Sheehy News

State Rep. Michael Sheehy (D-Toledo) today joined Ohio’s governor and lieutenant governor in supporting the replacement of a more than 60-year-old crude oil pipeline in the Great Lakes region following news that the state of Michigan will take action to block the project.

“This relatively small piece of infrastructure fuels a massive piece of our regional transportation system,” said Rep. Sheehy. “My record demonstrates a long history of environmental advocacy, but you can’t just disrupt such a critical energy supply chain without a clear plan to replace it. Michigan’s recent actions have gone too far without a full consideration of the consequences, which will fall most devastatingly on working class families and communities that depend on a diverse, stable energy portfolio and strong union jobs.”

Enbridge, the Canadian company set to decommission the outdated pipeline that supplies several refineries in Michigan and Ohio, began work under the previous administration on a safer, more effective replacement that will continue to fuel economic development in Great Lakes states like Ohio and Pennsylvania.

Michigan’s new governor recently declared the agreement invalid and signed an executive order to seek alternatives to the replacement. Suggested alternatives could reach up to 600% of the cost of the original project.

Northwest Ohio, which would be hit particularly hard by a disruption in this supply chain, houses a major source of jet fuel for several regional and international airports, particularly Detroit and Cleveland.