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Sheehy calls on Republican leaders to set aside differences and focus on legislation

May 23, 2018
Michael Sheehy News

State Rep. Michael Sheehy (D-Oregon) issued the following statement in response to today’s session cancellation notice from House Republicans hours before the House was scheduled to vote on a new Republican speaker:

“The people of Ohio are looking at their state government for guidance during an already turbulent period in America’s history. For the past year, we have seen the devastating results of a federal administration too burdened with scandal and indecision to serve its citizens. Sickeningly, that encumbrance has now fallen on state government as well.

“Toledo is facing a water crisis, wages are stagnant, and Ohio is falling behind in education. How the Majority can justify further inaction is beyond me. If the Republicans cannot find a nominee for Speaker with an unimpeachable record of honesty and integrity, I can only support in good conscience a Democratic candidate who can cut through the chaos and lead.”

Currently, there are well over 100 bills recommended by committees that are still waiting to receive a vote on the House floor.