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Sheehy announces support of Congressional action to stop Asian Carp

Effort brings Great Lakes protection closer to Sheehy's 2014 legislation calling for total separation
December 14, 2017
Michael Sheehy News

State Rep. Michael Sheehy today announced his support for the latest Congressional effort to stop the spread of Asian Carp in the Great Lakes. The Lake Erie lawmaker’s support for his federal counterparts comes as some 26 Democratic and Republican members of Congress are demanding action from the Army Corps of Engineers to close an artificial connection between the Mississippi River and the Great Lakes – a thoroughfare for the invasive carp to enter the Great Lakes basins.

“Our Great Lake is facing an environmental crisis on several fronts. While I’ve been working with colleagues to address these issues head on at the state level, we need all the help we can get,” said Sheehy. “Now that our experts have identified the sources of these threats, we must pursue fact-based policy solutions to combat them.”

The Congressional call for action brings protection of the Great Lakes one step closer to Sheehy’s 2014 legislation calling on Congress to work toward total hydrologic separation of the great lakes to stop the invasive Asian Carp.

“Taking proactive steps to prevent the spread of invasive species of carp is certainly the most cost-effective strategy in preserving the agricultural, economic, and cultural value in our Great Lake,” Sheehy added. “I’m encouraged to find that Lake Erie’s allies in Congress are standing with us to protect the Midwest’s most precious economic resource.”

Asian carp are not native to the Great Lakes and pose a threat to fish found in Lake Erie, such as perch and walleye. The Asian Carp’s presence in Lake Erie could prove damaging not only to the ecosystem, but also to the billion-dollar sport fishing and tourism industries. Of the many proposed measures for preventing Asian Carp from reaching the Great Lakes, hydrologic separation is the only permanent and effective way to block the movement of the fish.

During his time on the Ohio House, Sheehy has been an outspoken advocate for the health and safety of Lake Erie. He serves on the House Agriculture and Natural Resources Committee and is a member of the Great Lakes Legislative Caucus, a nonpartisan group of legislators from eight Great Lakes states (Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin) and two Canadian provinces (Ontario and Québec).