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Reps. Sheehy applauds unanimous committee passage of Line 5 Resolution

House Resolution 13 to urge Michigan Governor to make all efforts to keep Line 5 operating
March 23, 2021
Michael Sheehy News

COLUMBUS- State Rep. Michael Sheehy (D-Oregon) today announced the passage of House Resolution (HR) 13 from the House Transportation and Public Safety Committee in a 12-0 vote. HR 13 urges Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer and Michigan Director of Natural Resources Dan Eichinger to make all efforts to keep Enbridge Energy’s Line 5 operating. 

“I am pleased the Transportation and Public Safety Committee has passed HR 13. Enbridge Energy has already been working to replace the section of Line 5 that lays on the lakebed of the Mackinac Straits with a new line enclosed in a tunnel hundreds of feet below the water. Line 5 services two refineries in Oregon, Ohio that employ over 1,000 people and hundreds more contractors. The closure of Line 5 prior to the tunnel’s completion will disproportionately affect working class families and communities who rely on good-paying union jobs,” said Rep. Sheehy.

In November 2020, Governor Whitmer terminated the 68-year-old easement that allowed Enbridge to operate and maintain the Line 5 pipeline and ordered its closure by May 2021. Critics of the move say the closure of Line 5 will disrupt the transportation of fuels throughout the region. Northwest Ohio, which would be hit particularly hard by a disruption in this supply chain, houses a major source of jet fuel for several regional and international airports, particularly Detroit and Cleveland.

House Resolution 13 will move to the House Floor for consideration.