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Rep. Skindell Votes"No" on State Budget

Says budget underfunds public education by nearly $1.4 billion and leaves average Ohioans behind
June 29, 2021
Michael J. Skindell News

COLUMBUS—Rep. Michael J. Skindell (D-Lakewood) voted against the 2022-2023 state operating budget, House Bill 110, late Monday. 

“The state budget passed is a wish list for the wealthiest Ohioans and largest corporations but represents a backwards slide for low and middle-income working people struggling in the current economy,” said Rep. Skindell.  “While I strongly support the adoption of the Fair School Funding formula in the budget, state leaders left it underfunded by nearly $1.4 billion.  At the same time, the wealthiest Ohioans will continue to see a significant reduction in state taxes, with personal income tax revenues being reduced overall by $1.64 billion.”

Rep. Michael Skindell expressed concern that the budget fails to restore college assistance funding to pre-2009 levels, to increase family eligibility for child care assistance and to strengthen local government funds which pays for essential safety, senior and youth services in our communities.  Skindell also expressed continued disappointment that the legislature has failed to give low-income families relief by making a portion of Ohio’s earned income tax credit (EITC) refundable.  He has advocated for a refundable EITC for nearly two decades. 

“Ohio has one of the highest number of people living in poverty in the nation and yet the legislature refuses to adopt a refundable EITC, a proven anti-poverty program,” said Rep. Skindell. “At a time when employers are concerned about recruiting employees, the EITC would help in promoting and supporting work particularly in lower income jobs.  A refundable EITC would give Ohio’s economy a boost.” 

Additionally, Rep. Skindell joined other Democrats and opposed several public policy measures within the budget, including attacks on healthcare access for LGBTQ Ohioans and abortion care, as well as undermining police accountability measures and Ohio’s new redistricting reforms.   Skindell also opposed the elimination of funding to protect families with Medicaid-eligible children and pregnant women against dangers of lead paint hazards and the insertion in the budget of a measure that will make it easier for oil and gas drilling on state lands.