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Licking County Receives $12,746,708 Under Fraizer's Legislation

October 7, 2020
Mark Fraizer News

COLUMBUS – Last Thursday, Governor DeWine signed House Bill 614 into law. The legislation, sponsored by State Representative Mark Fraizer (R-Newark) will grant Licking County $12,746,708 in CARES Act funding.

The legislation also creates the Unemployment Compensation Modernization and Improvement Council to evaluate the claim filing process and technological infrastructure, as well as examine ways to maximize the responsiveness for individual applicants and employers. In addition, the Auditor of State is required to examine and make recommendations on the efficiency of the process, and the Director of ODJFS is required to create a constituent referral system and strategic staffing plan to further assist Ohioans.

“I introduced House Bill 614 alongside my colleague Tracy Richardson back in June. At that time, our offices, and all offices throughout the Ohio House of Representatives, were hearing from constituents who were struggling to receive the help they deserved with Ohio’s unemployment compensation system,” said Fraizer. “After numerous hearings in the House and Senate and added amendments to the legislation, the bill is perfected to improve the lives of all Ohioans who are struggling to make ends meet during the pandemic.”

Among the various part of House Bill 614, the legislation includes a Senate amendment that appropriates $650 million in CARES Act funding to counties, municipalities and townships to fund COVID-19 pandemic-related expenses. This CARES funding for counties, municipalities and townships is in addition to the $525 million provided earlier this year.

“Ohio communities desperately need these local and federal funds to stay afloat,” said Fraizer. “I am proud to be a part of the solution that brings brighter days to Licking County.”

The additional provision in House Bill 614 grants the following funds throughout Licking County as follows:

Licking County                       $6,373,354

Alexandria Village                  $19,531

Buckeye Lake Village (pt.)      $102,918

Granville Village                     $213,187

Gratiot Village (pt.)                $4,937

Hanover Village                      $43,387

Hartford (Croton) Village       $14,775

Heath City                               $394,303

Hebron Village                        $89,261

Johnstown Village                   $183,710

Kirkersville Village                  $19,892

New Albany City (pt.)              $7,892

Newark City                           $1,813,138

Pataskala City                        $572,356

Reynoldsburg City (pt.)           $335,132

St. Louisville Village                $13,910

Utica Village (Pt.)                   $80,720

Bennington Township              $64,432

Bowling Green Township         $66,558

Burlington Township               $46,666

Eden Township                       $47,603

Etna Township                        $318,952

Fallsbury Township                 $37,405

Franklin Township                  $81,261

Granville Township                 $157,224

Hanover Township                  $71,026

Harrison Township                 $271,710

Hartford Township                 $39,279

Hopewell Township                $46,594

Jersey Township                     $98,918

Liberty Township                    $90,089

Licking Township                    $178,341

Madison Township                  $120,684

Mary Ann Township                $81,765

Mckean Township                  $58,882

Monroe Township                   $88,288

Newark Township                   $74,486

Newton Township                   $108,900

Perry Township                       $61,513

St. Albans Township               $73,477

Union Township                     $142,990

Washington Township            $37,261

House Bill 614 became effective immediately upon the Governor’s signature last Thursday due to an emergency clause within the bill.


Representative Mark Fraizer is currently serving his first term as state representative for the 71st Ohio House District, which includes portions of Licking County.


For more information, contact Rep. Fraizer’s office at (614) 466-1482 or