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Fraizer Announces Telemedicine Signed by the Governor

March 24, 2022
Mark Fraizer News

COLUMBUS – State Rep. Mark Fraizer (R-Newark) and State Representative Adam Holmes (R-Nashport) announced that House Bill 122 went into effect today echoing Governor DeWine’s comments on the bill in his State of the State address. 

House Bill 122 originally passed the Ohio House in April and the Senate approved an amended version the week of December 6. 

Key Provisions in the legislation include: 

  • Expanding existing telemedicine services to over a dozen other specialties 
  • Expanding the number of telemedicine services covered by Medicaid
  • Prohibiting a health benefit plan from imposing cost-sharing for telehealth services that exceed the cost-sharing for comparable in-person services.
  • Protecting healthcare professionals from liability under claims that the telehealth services they provide do not meet the standard of care that would apply if services were provided in-person
  • Empowering the appropriate executive agencies and licensing boards to establish rules governing telemedicine services, while allowing for the greatest possible access

“It is extremely important that all Ohioans are presented the opportunity to access quality healthcare. With House Bill 122 being signed into we are one major step closer to all Ohioans having access to the proper physical and mental health treatment,” said Fraizer. 

“This bill allows our healthcare providers and patients the opportunity to take advantage of the modern technology available to them. In doing so, we will not see a rise in healthcare costs and will allow the greatest flexibility for physicians and patients to determine quality care,” added Fraizer.­­­­  

The Bill went into effect on March 23, 2022.