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Rep. Sobecki introduces a bill to help Ohioans files tax when they don't have their W-2s

August 4, 2022
Lisa A. Sobecki News

COLUMBUS – Today, Rep. Lisa Sobecki (D-Toledo) announced that she introduced House Bill (HB) 711, which requires the Ohio Department of Taxation to tell individuals how much state tax was withheld from their employer when they don’t have access to their W-2. This bill stems from a case filed at the Ohio Supreme Court brought by Ohioans who say they are being double taxed in part because the Department of Taxation does not provide this information and calculates they tax withhold as “zero” when an individual does not know how much state tax was withheld.

“Regardless of the reason that an individual does not have access to a W-2 or know the amount of state tax withheld, they shouldn’t be punished or double taxed,” said Rep. Sobecki. “Right now, anyone can call the IRS and they will be told the amount of federal tax withheld by their employer. It should work the same way here in Ohio. This is a commonsense, obvious thing we can do to help government work better for Ohioans.”

HB 711 has not yet been referred to a committee.