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State Reps. Kristin Boggs (D-Columbus) and Adam Miller (D-Columbus) today introduced legislation to clean up blighted properties in urban communities across Ohio. The bill comes as many communities struggle with the state’s ongoing opioid crisis, underemployment and an abundance of foreclosed and abandoned properties. The Columbus-area lawmakers say their plan would combat neighborhood blight and increase local property values.

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Wed, May 2, 2018

State Reps. David Leland (D-Columbus) and Kristin Boggs (D-Columbus) today announced legislation that would allow local residents to request for increased roadway safety standards. House Bill (HB) 436 would allow residents or a recognized neighborhood association to petition for a stop sign or lower speed limits on their street.

“The goal of this bill is to cut unnecessary costs and empower communities to advocate for better safety standards,” said Boggs. “We believe that Ohioans deserve a fair and clearly defined process for requesting the installation of stops signs and lowering of speed limits when the majority of residents join in support.”

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Fri, Feb 23, 2018

State Reps. Janine Boyd (D-Cleveland Heights) and Kristin Boggs (D-Columbus) today announced legislation to establish the Ohio Family and Medical Leave Insurance Program, which would provide economic stability to working families in times of a medical emergency, when caring for a sick loved one, or welcoming a newborn into the family. While federal law provides some workers the ability to take leave, it does not provide those workers with any guarantees that they will have compensation while on leave.

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Wed, Jan 31, 2018

State Rep. Kristin Boggs (D-Columbus) yesterday announced the unanimous passage of House Bill (HB) 98, the Ohio High School Career Opportunity Act, an effort to provide high school students with information on career and education opportunities after graduation.

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Thu, Nov 30, 2017

State Reps. Nickie J. Antonio (D-Lakewood) and Kristin Boggs (D-Columbus) today announced new legislation to help ensure young pregnant women in Ohio have a say in their own healthcare decisions.

“I believe that all expectant mothers should have access to healthcare and safe delivery options, regardless of their age,” said Boggs. “I hope this legislation will encourage expectant mothers to get the care they need to support their health, and their baby’s health, even if their legal guardians are unwilling to support their pregnancy.”

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Tue, Jul 18, 2017

State Reps. Greta Johnson (D-Akron) and Kristin Boggs (D-Columbus) today introduced legislation to eliminate spousal exemptions for sex offenses, including rape and sexual battery. Ohio is one of just 13 states which legally treat marital rape differently from other forms of rape.

“We must modernize Ohio’s laws and eradicate unacceptable policy that allows someone to commit violence against their spouse,” said Boggs. “Women and men experiencing sexual violence at the hands of their spouses should not be denied the right to seek justice just because they happen to be married to the offender.”

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Fri, Feb 24, 2017

State Reps. David Leland (D-Columbus) and Kristin Boggs (D-Columbus) last week introduced legislation to keep Ohio’s drinking water clean and safe by preventing the destruction of natural buffer zones around drinking-water reservoirs, like the Hoover Reservoir in Franklin County.

“It is simply bad policy to give a select few people the power to alter public landscape in a way that could negatively impact everyone's water supply,” Boggs said. “This legislation will help protect Franklin County's water quality and the health of all our residents.”

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Mon, Feb 6, 2017

Eleventh-hour lawmaking brought the strictest abortion ban in the nation to Gov. John Kasich’s desk this evening, for his signature into law. With U.S. Senate inaction giving way to a pending U.S. Supreme Court justice appointment from President-elect Donald Trump, Ohio Republicans appear to be counting on a new federal bench to re-litigate the constitutionality of their attacks on women’s health care. But Roe v. Wade is settled law upheld most recently by the Whole Women’s Health decision which overturned undue burdens on women’s access to abortion. 

“I am extremely disappointed that the Ohio General Assembly thinks it can intervene in a woman's constitutionally protected right to have an abortion. These private decisions need to remain between a woman and her doctor,” said State Rep. Kristin Boggs (D-Columbus)

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Wed, Dec 7, 2016

State Rep. Kristin Boggs (D-Columbus), whose legislative district encompasses the Ohio State University campus, today released the following statement in response to this morning’s violent attack that harmed nine individuals:

“I am shocked and saddened by today’s terrifying act of violence at the Ohio State University.

“A student’s experience at college should encompass learning and debating new ideas, and developing lifelong friendships and memories – not senseless, violent tragedy. 

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Mon, Nov 28, 2016

State Rep. Kristin Boggs (D-Columbus) today released the following statement regarding the U.S. Supreme Court decision in the case of Whole Woman’s Health v. Hellerstedt, in which the court found that restrictions on access to comprehensive healthcare in Texas placed an undue burden on women, violating the American Constitution: 

“I applaud the Supreme Court's verdict finding that the restrictive measures adopted under Texas law were not medically necessary. I believe that today’s decision will send a clear message to state legislatures across the nation – including our own here in Ohio – that similar politically-motivated obstacles to prevent women from accessing abortion will be struck down.”

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Mon, Jun 27, 2016