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Rep. Kent Smith statement on state mask mandate for Cuyahoga County

County falls in Level 3 of the state's new COVID-19 alert system
July 7, 2020
Kent Smith News

COLUMBUS—State Rep. Kent Smith (D-Euclid) issued a statement today following Gov. DeWine’s executive order to require facemasks in several Ohio counties, including Butler, Cuyahoga, Franklin, Hamilton, Huron, Montgomery, and Trumbull. Each of the counties falls within Level 3 of the state’s new Public Health Advisory System, which was unveiled July 2. Level 3 indicates very high exposure and spread of coronavirus.

The order begins at 6 p.m. on Wednesday, July 8. The governor's mask order will mandate masks in most public, indoor settings, such as stores and restaurants, within these Level 3 counties. 

Several cities in Ohio have already moved to require facemasks, including Cincinnati, Cleveland, Columbus and Dayton.

“The majority of COVID-19 spread has been linked to droplets which are expelled individually by coughs, sneezes and conversations.  Masks help reduce droplets that may contain the coronavirus; therefore, while they are not foolproof, they are effective deterrents,” said Rep. Smith. “This disease is not going away anytime soon.  This is a very serious challenge, and we must take action.  We all have a shared responsibility to protect ourselves and our neighbors.  This is no longer a political issue.  Mask wearing needs to be viewed like wearing a safety belt while riding in a car or not smoking in an airplane.  I hope the residents of Ohio's 8th House District and the rest of the state will join me in wearing a mask when our daily activities lead us to an indoor, public location.  We truly are All In This Together Ohio.”