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Rep. Miranda introduces Paige's Law addressing medical ID devices

February 11, 2021
Jessica E. Miranda News

COLUMBUS – State Representative Jessica E. Miranda (D-Forest Park) today announced the introduction of House Bill (H.B.) 50, referred to as Paige’s Law, which would revise the law regarding medical ID bracelets to ensure first responders can effectively respond to emergencies.

“This potentially life-saving proposal would help first responders have the information they need about a patient when responding to a medical emergency,” said Rep. Miranda. “This idea was brought to me by a constituent, and it is a commonsense solution to ensure individuals facing a medical emergency receive the care they need.”

Paige’s Law is named after a resident of the 28th House District who suffers from non-epileptic seizures and failed to receive proper medical care from first responders as they weren’t aware of her exact medical condition. This legislative proposal was brought forward by Paige’s father to ensure first responders have the ability and all the tools they need to perform their job efficiently. 

Under current law, Ohio law enforcement officers, paramedics, medical practitioners—to include only physicians— are required to search for these devices and cards under during certain medical emergencies.

Paige’s Law would maintain that law while making several key revisions, including:

Recognizing identifying devices that contain bar or quick response codes;
Authorizing or requiring these devices to be scanned in certain circumstances to determine the wearer’s medical information, allowing for a timely understanding of the individual’s condition by first responders.

Paige’s Law now waits a hearing in the House Health Committee.