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Rep. Crossman urges governor to veto permitless carry bill

Suggests SB 215 will lead to more crime and put law enforcement in danger
March 7, 2022
Jeffrey A. Crossman News

COLUMBUS – Today, State Rep. Jeffrey Crossman (D-Parma) sent a letter to Gov. Mike DeWine urging him to veto Senate Bill (SB) 215, legislation that undermines public safety laws that currently require permits for people who carry hidden, loaded handguns in public. SB 215 would eliminate the requirement for concealed weapon training and reduce penalties if a gun owner fails to notify law enforcement they are carrying.

“Requiring a permit and basic safety training before someone can carry a concealed firearm is not an infringement of anyone’s Constitutional rights, and this has been confirmed by the courts. We know that eliminating the permit requirement with this bill will lead to more violent crime and more homicides in Ohio when the state already ranks among the top 10 states in the country for annual firearm deaths. I’m also disturbed about the adverse impact that this bill will have on our law enforcement community—it makes their jobs far more difficult and dangerous than necessary. We should support our law enforcement and veto this radical bill,” said Rep. Crossman. 

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