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Reps. Koehler and McColley Introduce Bill to Protect the Dignity of the Unborn

December 17, 2015
J. Kyle Koehler News

COLUMBUS—State Representatives Robert McColley (R-Napoleon) and Kyle Koehler (R-Springfield) announced the introduction of House Bill 417 to promote and protect the dignity of the unborn through proper burial or cremation and strengthen Ohio’s laws on informed consent.

Under the legislation, a pregnant woman who has a abortion has the right to determine the final disposition of the aborted infant’s remains by providing written notice to the clinic on a form provided by the Ohio Department of Health. The mother may direct the clinic to dispose of the aborted infant either by earthly burial or by cremation. The abortion clinic would be required to document the pregnant woman’s decision in their medical records, as well as be responsible for paying the costs of disposing of the fetal remains. The scope of the legislation pertains only to abortions and does not apply to miscarriages.

"With the disgusting revelations that Planned Parenthood has been contracting with companies that dump the remains of aborted infants into landfills, it is important that we in the Ohio General Assembly ensure that such practices will never again occur in our state,” said McColley. “This bill ensures that the lives of aborted infants are treated with dignity and humanely disposed of in accordance with law.”

“It is not enough to stand by and condemn the way life, born and unborn, is treated in this country.  We must also act to give dignity to the lives lost in a culture that seems to have become callused to the decision we make regarding the life of the unborn child,” added Koehler.  “I would hope those on both sides of the abortion argument agree that this is the right thing to do.”