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Koehler Supports House Passage of Fireworks Legislation

June 4, 2020
J. Kyle Koehler News

COLUMBUS – State Rep. Kyle Koehler (R-Springfield) and the Ohio House of Representatives today passed House Bill 253, legislation permits the use of consumer grade fireworks with property owner permission.

Current law requires consumer grade fireworks purchased in the state to be transported out within 48 hours of purchase and prohibits their use within state lines.

“This bill provides much needed reform to our state's firework law by providing avenues for consumer safety and allowing Ohioans to celebrate with fireworks in a responsible manner,” said Koehler.

The legislation contains several measures that promote consumer safety, including:

- Creating the Ohio Fire Code Rule Recommendation Committee to review fireworks law and make recommendations to the State Fire Marshal;
- Requiring all firework retailers to have safety glasses available at the point of purchase;
- Requiring the Fire Marshal to create a safety pamphlet to be distributed to all firework retailers;
- Prohibiting any person to negligently discharge, ignite or handle fireworks while under the influence of alcohol or controlled substances;
- Enacting a 4 percent safety fee on the sale of all consumer grade fireworks in Ohio.

In addition, House Bill 253 maintains local control by allowing municipalities to restrict or ban the use of fireworks.

“It’s important we respect the ability of local municipalities to make decisions that best serve their communities” added Koehler. “The legislation allows local governments to determine the time and date fireworks may be discharged and can also place noise ordinances if they choose to do so.”

The bill now heads to the Senate for further consideration.