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Grendell's Resolution to Eliminate E-Check Passes Ohio House

June 10, 2021
Diane V. Grendell News

State Rep. Diane Grendell (R-Chesterland) announces that House Resolution 56, which calls for the elimination of the E-Check program under the Federal Clean Air Act, passed in the Ohio House earlier today. Grendell serves as a joint primary sponsor on the bill and spoke to it on the House floor.

“Our taxpayers have faced this burdensome process for far too long now, it’s time for a change and this resolution seeks to finally put an end to the E-Check program,” said Grendell. “This program does little if nothing to clean our air.”

The program requires Ohio citizens living within Cuyahoga, Geauga, Lake, Lorain, Medina, Portage, and Summit Counties to get their vehicles tested every two years to pass regulatory emissions requirements.

In previous testimony, Grendell has cited the excessive costs due to the implementation of E-check outweighing the environmental benefits, especially for those who cannot afford it, such as middle- and lower-income individuals that are more likely to own an older vehicle that fails emissions tests.

Grendell has noted that the cost now exceeds $19,390,000 for Fiscal Year ‘20 and partial Fiscal Year ’21, wasting valuable money in the state, noting that this money could be used elsewhere.

“The ends simply must not be permitted to justify the means,” Grendell added. “The poorest among us, elderly, students, and lower-class individuals, are consistently forced to take time off from work to make expensive repairs to their vehicles to meet these arbitrary standards.”

Additionally, regarding emissions, over 74 percent of harmful emissions have dropped since 1970 and the push for newer vehicle models and computerized systems have reduced these pollutants.

Specifically, the resolution:

  • Calls for the U.S. Congress to reform the review and amend the Federal Clean Air Act; 
  • Calls for the U.S. EPA to find more effective alternatives to the program; and
  • Allows for companies to find innovative solutions to air quality issues and help our economy grow.

Grendell is a joint sponsor of the bill alongside State Rep. Gail Pavliga (R-Atwater).