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Grendell Introducing Legislation to End COVID-19 State of Emergency

September 16, 2020
Diane V. Grendell News

State Rep. Diane Grendell (R-Chesterland) announces the introduction of the “Restore Ohio Now” bill, which will terminate the COVID-19 state of emergency order. As a result of its implementation, the bill would also seek to end other specific orders issued by the governor that are set to expire if and when the state of emergency concludes.

“Many Ohioans have worked diligently, in good-faith with the Governor to flatten the curve of COVID-19 for months, and we accomplished this goal awhile back,” said Grendell. “Initially, there was much cause for concern regarding COVID-19. Governor DeWine responded appropriately to an unknown threat facing Ohioans. However, the administration continues to use this state of emergency to issue restrictive orders against our businesses and all Ohioans. Current COVID numbers are the result of expanded testing occurring; Ohio’s deaths and hospitalizations have decreased significantly. The time has come to responsibly transition back to our lives before the pandemic, and this bill is a first step in that direction.”

Grendell also noted that the current state of emergency put in place by the governor is a conflict with the separation of powers. The Ohio Supreme Court has held that each of the three divisions of government must be protected from encroachments by the others.

“It’s crucial, for the sake of our people and our Constitution, that one branch of government cannot solely supersede on our entire state with overwhelming and unchecked authority,” said Grendell. “This is not only an issue of getting our state and Ohioans back on track, it’s also about protecting the foundation of how our government is supposed to constitutionally function for the people. Government cannot protect us from every single one of life’s risks; we have to rely on the judgement and responsibility of individual Ohioans in the exercise of their personal liberties.”

Grendell will be introducing the legislation next week and is currently seeking cosponsors within the Ohio House.