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Rep. Leland to introduce legislation preventing utility service cuts or eviction during the COVID-19 crisis

March 13, 2020
David Leland News

COLUMBUS—State Rep. David Leland (D-Columbus) will introduce legislation to stop public utilities from cutting service to ratepayers and prevent evictions from occurring during the COVID-19 crisis. This legislation is a response to Governor DeWine’s announced shutdown of K-12 schools in Ohio, which, though necessary and important, will have profound ripple effects for Ohio’s business community and its working families.

“This is about each of us doing our part,” said Leland. “Because of these closings, innocent people are going to be unable to pay their bills – we’re asking utility companies and landlords not to penalize them for it.”

Specifically, the legislation will ensure electric companies continue to provide power, ensure gas companies leave gas connected, and prevent eviction during the COVID-19 crisis, all regardless of a household’s ability to pay rental or utility bills.

had nothing but praise from Governor DeWine’s handling of the coronavirus emergency.

“He’s exhibiting real leadership and making hard decisions in tough times,” Leland said. “These measures will support the crucial work he’s doing, and they’ll assure people that even if their income is interrupted they’ll have the power on, the heat running, and a roof to sleep under.”