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State Rep. Darrell Kick Responds to Anthem Leaving State's Insurance Exchange

June 7, 2017
Darrell Kick News

COLUMBUS—State Representative Darrell Kick (R-Loudonville) today released the following statement in response to the announcement that healthcare insurer Anthem will withdraw from Ohio’s health insurance exchange:

“Here we are, seeing yet another unfortunate side effect of the Affordable Care Act. The Ohio Department of Insurance is actively seeking a solution to prevent the rug being pulled out from under thousands of Ohioans by year’s end.  Anthem’s actions are additional evidence of the need to repeal the ACA.”

Anthem announced it will stop offering policies in the Ohio marketplace in 2018, affecting some 10,500 Ohioans across the state. Holmes County in addition to 17 other counties are left with no marketplace provider for individual plans.  Anyone who buys health insurance that is not in a group insurance plan will now have no options to buy healthcare in these counties.

Ohioans who bought health insurance from Anthem on the exchange will need to find another insurer for 2018, but they have coverage until December 31, 2017. For the approximately 10,500 Ohioans in at least 18 counties that will have no health insurance options from the Obamacare Exchange in 2018, the Department of Insurance is still looking at options to solve this problem. Consumers with questions should contact the Ohio Department of Insurance at 1-800-686-1526.