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Riedel Votes to Override Veto of Senate Bill 22

Bill Restores Government Checks and Balances on Emergency Orders and Mandates
March 24, 2021
Craig S. Riedel News

COLUMBUS – State Rep. Craig S. Riedel (R-Defiance) and the Ohio General Assembly today voted to override Governor DeWine’s veto of Senate Bill 22, legislation that establishes legislative oversight over orders issued during a state of emergency.

“The legislature sent a clear message today that we want our constituents to be heard during a state emergency,” said Rep. Riedel. “Restoring these common-sense checks and balances protects our democracy and provides greater government transparency.”

Provisions in the bill give the legislature the ability to oversee orders issued by any department under the administration in response to public health emergencies. Orders may be extended or rescinded by the General Assembly.

The bill also ensures that local communities may determine the course of local health orders. As a result, the bill provides parameters for local boards of health in which they must operate when issuing county and district wide orders.

A veto override requires a three-fifths vote from the House and Senate. The Senate voted 23-10, and the
House voted 62-35 to override.