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Riedel Continues to Support the Second Amendment

Permit Less Carry Legislation Passes Ohio House Vote
November 22, 2021
Craig S. Riedel News

COLUMBUS – State Representative Craig S. Riedel (R-Defiance) supported a major Second Amendment Bill, House Bill (HB) 227, that supports the right of law-abiding Ohioans to protect themselves and their loved ones. HB 227 is a “permit-less” carry plan that would allow Ohioans to carry a concealed handgun without first obtaining a government-issued permit.

“I am very passionate about protecting the gun rights and Second Amendment freedoms granted in the US Constitution. That’s what this bill does,” said Rep. Riedel. “Constituents of the 82nd House District and across the state have been very vocal in saying that these rights are essential to current law abiding gun owners.”

He said the bill is the result of extensive work in the legislature, and was crafted with input from many perspectives, including the National Rifle Association and Buckeye Firearms Association. Ohio currently has a concealed-carry license system. It would not be eliminated, but instead would become optional for people who wish to secure a concealed-carry license.

In addition, Ohio will retain its reciprocity with other states, but in order for an Ohioan to carry a concealed weapon in those states they must obtain a concealed carry permit.

Other key highlights of the bill include:
- A provision requiring an individual to notify a police officer if the person is carrying a concealed handgun when asked by the officer.
-Maintaining current law that does not require churches to identify as "soft targets" from their posting of "no concealed carry" signs and leaves the decision of who carries with those that oversee the church.

During House session on Wednesday, Riedel also showed his support for House Bill (HB) 99, a bill to improve school safety. The legislation will enhance school safety measures by enabling school districts to have local control of training requirements for arming teachers or school staff. 

Current law requires school employees to complete Peace Officer Training, which is over 750 hours. Under HB 99, a person authorized to go armed in a school safety zone will have to complete general initial training (18 hours), handgun training (2 hours), an annual training (2 hours of initial training and 2 hours of handgun training) along with having a concealed handgun license.

“Local control when it comes to school safety is vital. As parents we need to put trust in our school’s educators to defend our children from any serious threat of violence,” added Rep. Riedel.

Both HB 227 and HB 99 now go to the Senate for consideration.